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Choice of Water

  1. Horizon Purified Drinking Water
    • Advanced Filtration
    • Reverse Osmosis
    • Ultra Violet Light
    • For Low Sodium Diets

Choices of Containers

  1. Three Gallon
    • Approximately Twenty five pounds weight
    • Medium size used in dispensers
    • Suitable where lighter weight is more desirable
  2. Five Gallon
    • Approximately Fourty pounds weight
    • Standard size used in dispensers
    • Ideal for larger consumption requirements
    • Home and commercial use

Choices of Dispensers

  1. Oak Wood Stand
    • Room temperature
  2. Cook n Cold
    • Dispenses room temperature water for cooking
    • Cold water for drinking
  3. Hot n Cold
    • Dispenses hot water for coffee, tea, soups, etc.
    • Cold water for drinking

Benefits of using Horizon Drinking Water

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